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Be a Carrier's Carrier

Significant revenue-generating opportunities present themselves as countries deregulate and entrepreneurs begin the retail sale of telecommunications services. Those retailers are looking for a robust, reliable platform to make available the wholesale services they re-sell.

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Network Operations:

NACT‘s web-based network management and provisioning systems puts customer service management on the web for simple, secure access to the data you need.

NACT's Class 4 Solution provides reliability and scalability. Class 4 solution features include:

  • Full SBC Functionality
  • Back-to-Back User Agents
  • LRN Routing & Billing
  • Auto Carrier Shutoff

    The Vincisoft is our class 4 Softswitch.  The VinciSoft provides all of the application services required in today's telecommunciation landscape. Services and applications provided include class 4, real-time rating, fraud protection, IVR, voicemail, conference bridging and SIP/SS7/PRI/R2 signaling, making it easy to integrate with existing telecom networks.

    The BAT 1000 is interconnected with the VinciSoft. It handles provisioning, maintaining accounts, storing fully-detailed call records, invoicing and producing the wide variety of reports critical to operations and back-office management.






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