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Worldwide service providers struggle more than ever to attract and retain customers. The prepaid market has emerged as an increasingly popular business model to penetrate diverse and lucrative markets. NACT's Prepaid Solution enables service providers to take advantage of the enormous prepaid market opportunity, delivering fast ROI, operational efficiency, scalability, reliability, and service functionality that support both wholesale and retail business models.

NACT’s Prepaid Solution allows you to:

  • Own your switches - generate revenue first and take advantage of new services

  • Minimize Competitive Pressures

  • Maximize Revenue Potential

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty and Reduce Churn

  • Penetrate New Markets

  • Realize a Fast Return on Investment

  • Calling Cards, Web Portal and Mobile Applications


    NACT's Prepaid Solution is made up of the field-proven NACT prepaid applications.

    The Vinci solution is a prepaid switching engine that enables customers to operate a prepaid business. The system architecture consists of both proprietary hardware and software capable of VoIP and TDM. The Vinci also has the ability to transcode codecs.

    The Vinci II, NACT's upgrade to the Vinci, eliminates the need for hardware, reducing power requirements and operational costs. The Vinci II is best suited to service providers who do not require TDM or Transcoding.

    The Pincaso Web Portal, a white label customer facing portal, facilitates sales of pinless calling cards, international top up , domestic top up, and prepaid calling plans for Android and iPhone. The Web Portal also includes distribution chain software for agent commission tracking.

    Ancillary Systems to operate a prepaid business efficiently. This includes real-time monitoring for fast and efficient troubleshooting. The customer service IVR, another ancillary system, administers quality customer service with a return on investment within 3-6 months.

    NACT will continue to support all licensed Legacy Systems on a best effort basis. NACT stands by all of its products.






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