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Consumers in the residential and enterprise space want the benefits of IP telephony, and the features they are accustomed to with TDM phones. Businesses require everything they expect at home, and more. No matter who the end user may be, NACT provides useful tools to keep the customer satisfied. NACT is the one-stop-shop for all switching and billing needs.



NACT‘s provides all the class 5 services required in today‘s telecommunications landscape. Services and applications provided include real-time rating, fraud protection, IVR, voicemail and conference bridging. NACT's SIP/SS7/PRI/R2 signaling makes it easy to integrate with existing telecom networks.

NACT provides quality home and business phone services with modules sitting on the Vincisoft, as well as the BAT 1000 billing application.

The VinciRes, a module that sits on top of the VinciSoft provides orgnanizations with the ability to offer home phone service. The VinciRes works by placing an ATA device on their customer's home internet network, then by plugging in a VoIP ready handset.

The VinciPBX, our enterprise offering, is also a module which sits on top of the VinciSoft. The VinciPBX comes in two different varieties: Multi-Tenant or Standalone. The system allows companies to have their own white labeled phone system with a personalized greeting and automated directory tree. The VinciPBX is robust enough to scale for large enterprises while remaining cost efficient for small businesses.

The BAT 1000 handles provisioning, maintaining accounts, storing fully-detailed call records, invoicing and producing the wide variety of reports that are critical to operations and back-office management.


For a full list of VinciRes features, visit the ViniRes page.

Visit the VinciPBX page for a list of the the VinciPBX features.






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