The NACT Partner Program is ideally matched to help you develop new opportunities and grow a profitable business. We offer partners a single, simplified and unified program recognizing four partner types designed to provide the resources you need to meet your customers' requirements and grow your business.

Agent Programs

NACT Agent Programs' primary business model is focused on selling and installing hardware, software or services to offer complete solutions to their customers.

Services & Consulting Partners

Service & Consulting Partners implement, sell, support and educate on NACT solutions for customers worldwide.

Technology & Platform Partners

NACT Technology & Platform Partners integrate their existing solutions with NACT's comprehensive Telecommunication products. Technology and Platform Partners provide world-class Telecommunication solutions worldwide.

Below are two of NACT's partners:


WCGS is the premier provider of cloud-based switching and software solutions for the prepaid industry. WCGS delivers customers complete control over rates, carriers and profitability on a real-time basis with prepaid calling cards, pinless applications, class 4/5 switches, VoIP, TDM-switching, and Top Up. WCGS’ highly trained staff provides customers with expert, US-based, 24/7 technical support to ensure the highest quality service.


American VoIP

American VoIP (A-VoIP) is an IP-based wholesale communications company delivering a complete line of domestic call termination services to Service Providers and Carriers. Specializing in conference call and non-RBOC routes, A-VoIP leverages its PSTN and IP network to deliver superior call clarity and reliability.





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