• Full VoIP Capabilities
  • Fully scalable
  • Full redundancy support
  • Fully integrated billing and switch management system
  • Can operate as transparent proxy or in infrastructure hiding mode
  • Full transcoding capabilities
  • Fully partitionable for multiple customer environments
  • Official carrier offering of the Freeswitch Project

Session Border Features:

  • Access Control Firewall
  • Topology Hiding
  • Session Admission Control
  • Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Call Limiting on both inbound and outbound legs

vincisoft server

vinci serverThe VinciSoft

NACT’s VinciSoft softswitch is designed for carriers seeking tandem, carrier interconnection, international gateway, and routing functionality. This highly-scalable softswitch solution delivers Next-Gen VoIP traffic or legacy TDM traffic, and allows carriers to optimize their route plans, address their customers’ needs, and achieve their revenue goals. VinciSoft is the official carrier offering of the Freeswitch Project.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Applications:

The VinciSoft provides applications such as prepaid and postpaid carrier billing with automated customer notifications. The system will also automatically shut down customer traffic at pre-determined dollar amounts if the operator of the system chooses this option. The VinciSoft simplifies daily operations: it is fully integrated with NACT’s BAT-1000 billing system to provide Automated LCR and proportional routing. The billing system also includes modules that perform carrier billing, carrier reconciliation, Profit and Loss reporting, traffic reports and much more. This scalable solution can be expanded to support up to 32,640 simultaneous calls (via a redundant call control host).The VinciSoft’s architecture allows service providers to start out at a capacity that meets current needs, and seamlessly expand as their business grows.

System Architecture:

The VinciSoft is deployed in a 2U-high PC form factor. Each machine is an 8 core Xenon machine and can process up to 4,000 concurrent calls at high CPS. The individual VinciSoft servers can be clustered together to form a single switch that can process up to 32,640 calls. NACT’s BAT-1000 billing system is also built on 8 Core Xenon machines and can be purchased in redundant or non redundant configurations. The VinciSoft Carrier Solution can be deployed in a VoIP-only mode, reducing costs, and eliminating the need for proprietary hardware. The system can also be equipped with TDM cards to provide up to 32 E1’s in a single box, and multiple Vinci Gateways can be combined in a single system.


The VinciSoft protects business critical resources, such as call records, by providing full redundancy for CDR’s. There are always two copies of your CDR’s. A primary copy is sent to the BAT-1000 billing system in real time, where it is also rated in real time and decremented against Customer balances. A second copy of every CDR is kept in the switch itself so that (in the unlikely event that the records are not recorded by the billing system) a backup copy is always available, which can be sent to the billing system at a later time. Redundant data storage protects critical revenue information, so that you are always able to invoice your customers.






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