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NACT’s Customer Service IVR is an essential tool to provide customer service at a low cost. If a customer reports an issue via the IVR system, the IVR will automatically credit back a customers account if pre-determined circumstances are met. For example: the call is shorter than 2 seconds. If not, the customer will not receive a credit. Our customers have reported an 80% decrease in customer service agent time, which in turn has led to a huge increase in profits. Our customers have also reported a return on investment within 3-6 months.

Features include:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • User Friendly web interface
  • Reporting
  • Specific details on why credits were issued or denied
  • Over-ride functionality
  • Ability to address the majority of the calls without any human interaction
  • Resolves need for 24 hour customer service representatives

Below you will find audio demonstrations of the Customer Service IVR.

literature iconClick here to view a detailed demo of the module.

no customer rep

Audio of Call Menu Options & Listing of Call Records

Audio of a Call Being Credited






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