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NACT's soft phone apps bring powerful prepaid services to customer's phones in a fast and easy way. Every step of the process is assisted by a mobile application. Store owners can sell prepaid products on the go with our mobile POS app, customers can use the prepaid service with either our Pinless or SIP dialer applications and distributors can send customers direct messages by using the Notifications application. All applications are customizable and can be skinned with any logo and color scheme.

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pinless dialer application


NACT's pinless one touch dialer application brings pinless services to your customers smart phone in a fast and easy way. Are your customers tired of constantly losing their access number? NACT’s app makes calling smarter, faster, and simpler. As a part of the Pincaso White Label portal, the application is customizable with your image and brand.

  • Multiple Language Set-Up
  • Balance Display and Recent Call Log
  • Notifications application informs your End-Users about promotions and marketing messages - Sent to select accounts or all customers
With its user friendly interface and customizable design, our pinless application is built to help your business grow. Be sure to view our Pinless application demo and our video showing how the app works.

sip dialer application


NACT’s SIP dialer app makes calling smarter, faster, and simpler. Customers can make calls to anyone over 3G, 4G or WiFi. The phone automatically registers upon opening the application, so customers will never have to log in to make a call. All the customer has to do is dial a phone number or select a contact from their native address book.

  • Automatic registration and provisioning
  • Balance Display and Recent Call Logs
  • Voicemail to Email: have voicemail sent to the user's inbox as an mp3
  • Assign a DID/Local Access number: make the phone ring anywhere around the world
  • All additional features (other than calling) can be done for free or charged for on a recurring basis
Be sure to view our SIP application demo.


Notifications App Icon



Distributors have numerous features to take advantage of within the pinless and sip dialer applications. One of those elements, the notifications feature, allows distributors to send direct messages to customers without the need for an SMS service.

Distributors can send notifications about marketing, customer support or anything else. Customers will see this message upon opening the app. Distributors can have the message sent to individual customers, select customer groups, or all users at once. This allows distributors to send important messages directly to those that matter.


mPOS App



How do you increase sales, boost revenues and build a stronger connection to the end-customer in a highly competitive environment? By having your products available on the go for transactions anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Commerce Sales will reach $31 Billion by 2016. Be part of that growth now with this simple to set up, easy to use, fully-integrated application.

Our management services simplify your operations, including customizations with your brand and your products. It is your app.

With features such as user management and reporting, the application is convenient and efficient.

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