Vinci 2The Vinci II

NACT strives to provide the most advanced telephony systems. As technology advances, costs go down and physical size shrinks. In order to keep up with advancements in technology, NACT modified the Vinci system from a hardware-based solution to a server-based solution. The Vinci II utilizes the latest in technology to provide the best service possible. The new system replaces the MTN gateway with servers. The Vinci II system contains all the features of the Vinci, including Prepaid Calling Cards, Automatic ANI Authentication, pre/post paid billing, wholesale transport and management, fraud control, and Least Cost Routing. The Vinci II enables service providers to start out at a capacity that meets current needs and expands seamlessly as a customer base grows.

Do More With Less

The upgrade from the Vinci means that NACT is able to eliminate expensive hardware boards. This will reduce maintenance costs for distributors.

The new servers can handle a far greater capacity than the MTN Gateways. The power behind the servers means less equipment would be needed to perform tasks, leading to fewer points of failure overall.

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