PBX Resellers: What You Should Look for In a PBX System
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:36

In the growing PBX industry, resellers have plenty of systems to choose from. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine exactly which PBX solution will work for you and your company. Finding the right PBX solution is all about finding the right solution for you. While shopping around for a PBX system to resell, consider the following factors:

Selling a Hosted vs. an On-Premises solution

When deciding whether or not to offer a hosted or on-premises solution, look at the needs of you and your customers alike. Do you want to resell a phone system with less maintenance and more flexibility? If so, you may be interested in a hosted multi-tenant solution, where you can rent space on the cloud to multiple businesses and charge a monthly fee. Do you want to offer a tried-and-true system customers can maintain on their own? Consider reselling an on-premises solution, where each client has access to the physical system. Some customers may feel more secure when they have a system in their own premises.

Calling Capacity

Phone system calling capacity will vary depending on the size of the organization. Small companies may only require a maximum calling capacity of 10 concurrent calls. Large-scale enterprises, on the other hand, could have thousands of calls coming in at once. It is important to look at your customers and find out what calling capacity is required. If you have a wide target audience, find a company that can offer you a wide selection of PBX systems.


Businesses require more from a phone system than a typical user. A phone call can be one of the most personal interactions between a business and a customer. Because these phone interactions are so critical, your customers will expect features that will help operations run smoothly and professionally. Make sure the PBX system you offer has features such as follow-me, remote office capabilities, multiple advanced IVR’s, conferencing, and the ability to connect telecommuters to your system.

With these elements in mind, you will be sure to find the right PBX solution for you. Learn more about NACT’s VinciPBX solution by contacting our sales team.






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