March 2013


NACT is proud to announce the availability of its "NEW" IVR system. The IVR automates most of your customer service functionality. This system is comprised of a standalone server and software which integrates with the NACT Switch and BAT 1000 system.This additional server contains software which reduces the need for a customer service representative. The IVR will automatically credit back a customers account if certain circumstances are met. If these circumstances are not met, the customer will not receive a credit. Some of our beta test customers have reported an 80% decrease in customer service agent time, which in turn led to a huge increase in profits.


  • Multiple Language Support
  • User friendly web interface
  • Reporting
  • Specific details on why credits were issued or denied
  • Over-ride functionality
  • Ability to address the majority of the calls without any human interaction
  • Quick and easy set up (can be operational in one week)
  • Ability to handle other queries regarding rates to specific countries
  • Resolving requirements for 24 hour customer care availability


NACT will be exhibiting at ITW. We hope you can join us at the show.  Please visit us at booth #1122. ITW takes place at the Hytt Regency Hotel in Chicago, Illinois from May 13th-15th.

NACT will be conducting live demonstrations at ITW.  Our class 4 and 5 switching system has been enhanced recently with the addition of the new SIP Rerect software module. This software will enable carriers to conduct LRN dips in order to effectively and efficiently route Domestic US traffic.

Additionally, In order to protect this traffic from cyber-crimes we have entered into a partnership with RedShift Networks.  Redshift's VoIP Security Firewall has the ability to attack DOS/DDOS attacks and block them before they ever reach your equipment. It can prevent toll fraud, ease dropping and many other types of cyber-attacks.

To view a live demonstration of any NACT product please visit booth #1122.  If you can't make it to the show demos are available over the web.  We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.  Please contact Eric Goodstein in order to schedule a meeting at 801-802-1306 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Geo Location Feature

The Pincaso system is now performing a real-time geo-location lookup with a third party service provider to protect your system from potential fraud. When a user tries to connect to the Pincaso site from a country where you do not do business you can block their access completely. The security module will block all connections to the Pincaso site for every country except those configured as supported countries in the system.

>You can also override a blocked country rule for a particular IP address by adding the IP address to the Whitelist IP table made available only to Master Administrators.

To add a whitelisted IP, the user needs to enter the global pass-phrase assigned to your company. This module can be disabled via the Site Settings/IP Location Services/Perform IP Lookup

Additionally, this module will block all MASTER Logins to all IP addresses except those configured in the whitelist.

About NACT

NACT is the world's leading provider of prepaid application solutions, having sold and installed more than 650 switching platforms - in 26 countries - that control more than 12 billion minutes of traffic annually. NACT's prepaid solutions represent the industry standard for highly reliable and cost effective Class 4/5 hardware and software solutions. NACT's Vinci, and Vinci Softswitch Solutions insure that service providers can deliver the latest in VoIP and Next Generation network services, while maximizing profits using real-time billing, routing and rating. For more information, please visit

To learn more about NACT, please contact (801) 802-3000 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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