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Save Precious Time with Dynamic Routing
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 09:37

Now Available for all NACT and Non-NACT Switches

With carriers constantly changing their rates, it can be difficult to direct calls with the most up to date information. As rates are updated, an LCR still has to be generated before the server can even use that information. Dynamic Routing changes this, saving you time and providing a higher quality service.

The new process has intelligence supporting its every move. The automated QoS routing can determine which carrier will have the most cost efficient, highest quality call on the fly. Dynamic Routing provides rates in real-time, all without the switch operator ever generating an LCR.

Dynamic Routing Flow Chart

Available for Purchase or on the Cloud

5 Tools to Graphically Monitor Your Voice Network
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 08:56

No matter how powerful a machine may be, errors can and will happen. You can't guarantee an error-free system, but you can control how you resolve the issues. How you handle an error can make or break your company.

With a proper monitoring system, you can save your company time and money. NACT tells you what tools you should be using to monitor your system in this infographic below.

5 Tools to Monitor Your Network

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